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David Quayle Custom Made Turnout Weymouth

David Quayle Custom Made Turnout Weymouth

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Handcrafted from the finest English Sedgwick leather. Turnout weymouth bridles are made from the very best of the best hand-selected hides free from scars and imperfections. Each weymouth is custom made to the specific requirements of each customer to ensure the bridle is suitable to the horse and their specific needs. The utmost care and precision is used when selecting the finest leather. The ultimate in craftmanship including stitching 14 stitches to the inch is used in producing an an exquisite turnout weymouth bridle.

We welcome a consultation with David to make sure you have a beautiful bridle made that is just right!

This bridle comes with plain flat reins and a plain flat noseband and browband. 

Please note that time taken to make the bridle will vary seasonally. Contact David directly for an estimated time frame.